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Breaking into the Industry Workshop

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

On Sunday the 7th of March we hosted TV Practitioners to workshop the girls about the industry.

The important part of this programme is to create a professional network of contacts for the girls with T.V. and Film practitioners, so that we can provide a streamlined experienced for them, allowing them to interact directly with industry professionals.

We invited two accomplished and well respected young practitioners to come and share their experiences about the industry.

Sphelele Mzimela has worked on one of the biggest T.V. productions in the country, Uzalo which has more than 8 Million viewers. She has also worked on the Multi-award winning production Isibaya. She spoke at lenght about the industry and how difficult it is break into the mainstream. She had studied Television Production, she explained that it took a lot of hardwork and dedication for her to break into industry. Coming from the same rural background, her speech resonated with the audience and seeing someone from the same background doing very well in major T.V. productions really encouraged them.

Nkanyiso Mchunu is the leading actor in the popular Imbewu The Seed, He has extensive experience having worked on many local productions like Muvhango, Ingozi, Skwizas and many more. He spoke about carrying a dream, explaining the thats all he had when he first moved to Johannesburg to look for better opportunities. He motivated the girls to never give up on their dream no matter who says what. He went on to speak about patience that is required in the industry, mentioning that it has taken him about 10 years to be where he is now.

After the Workshop, it was a photo session allowing the students to take photos with the guests.

We would like to thank Nkanyiso and Sphelele by volunteering their to come and spend the day with the girls.

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